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Product Safety

Consultox, through the services of Dr. Parent, has evaluated the safety of products ranging from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. The approach involves initial evaluations based on available peer-reviewed literature, MSDSs, trade association documents, and governmental listings and databases. Usually, sufficient information is available from these sources to formulate safety assessments of most products. Should experimental evidence be required, as in the case with pharmaceuticals, Dr. Parent will design, place studies, and monitor CROs capable of carrying out toxicology protocols in accordance with appropriate guidelines. The safety of your product is taken seriously, and you will be advised of any and all potential health risks, if any, related to your product.

Nanotechnology, technology development at the atomic, molecular, or macromolecular range of approximately 1-100 nanometers to create and use structures, devices, and systems that have novel properties, is an emerging field. The safety evaluation of these products, “nanotoxicology”, is also an emerging scientific field, and no firm guidelines have been established by any regulatory body. Dr. Parent can evaluate special products involving nanoparticles and represent your interests with regulatory agencies and trade association committees that deal with these issues. He also can be helpful in the development of these products.

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