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Welcome to Consultox, Limited, a toxicology consulting firm established in 1985. Dr. Richard A. Parent, Principal and Consulting Toxicologist, is a doubly Board Certified Toxicologist with a firm foundation in chemistry and over 30 years of practice in the field of Toxicology. Consultox is a full service toxicology consulting firm providing support to litigants as an Expert Witness in Toxicology and to industry as an Independent Toxicology Consultant for projects involving product safety, drug impurities, risk assessment, and various agency product registration processes.

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Expert Witness Toxicologist

Richard A. Parent, PhD, DABT, FATS, RAC, ERT, is certified by the American Board of Toxicology and the Academy of Toxicological Sciences as well as the Regulatory Affairs Certification Board. He is a recognized Expert in Toxicology in France and the European Community. Dr. Parent has over 35 years of experience in Toxicology and Chemistry and has directed two toxicology laboratories, the combination of such affords him insights that go far beyond his fields of dual expertise. Read More

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Formaldehyde is ubiquitous. If you are allergic to it, it will cause you to suffer asthma-like pulmonary function deficits that will not only be triggered by formaldehyde itself, but also by other aldehydes commonly found in perfumes and other odorants. It also is capable of causing allergic reactions on skin in sensitized individuals. Formaldehyde is typically present in most homes from numerous sources including particle board which may be used in various cabinets, flooring, urea-formaldehyde insulation, tobacco smoke, fumes from gas stoves, cooking processes, and various consumer products including cosmetics and crease-resistant new clothing. Particle board is made up of wood chips held together with a phenol-formaldehyde resin which can off-gas formaldehyde. If you think that you are allergic to formaldehyde, you can go to your allergist and be patch tested; but this test is only meaningful if the results are positive. A negative test does not mean that you are not allergic to formaldehyde. Patch tests for formaldehyde have been shown to be unreliable in many cases. Formaldehyde is also a known animal carcinogen producing nasal tumors in rats, and a suspect human carcinogen linked to lymphatic and hematopoietic cancers including lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia; but the association is not strong. Formaldehyde also has been shown to result in mutagenicity and to produce chromosomal aberrations.

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Dr. Richard A. Parent has given testimony in courts in the United States and Canada nearly 30 times, and he has been deposed over 120 in support of both plaintiff and defense. Cases cover a wide range of subjects: dramshop, diacetyl (popcorn lung), wrongful death related to methadone and carbon monoxide, personal injury involving ozone, carbon monoxide, benzene, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, 1,4-dioxane, alcohol, arsenic, and others. Dr. Parent has lectured on the requirements for the establishment of causation and the structuring of expert reports. Many redacted reports are included on this website for review. Read More


Dr. Richard Parent has assisted clients in areas of product safety relating to toys, cosmetics, household products, pesticides, OTC drugs, art supplies, and food additives (GRAS).  He has worked with appropriate agencies to meet requirements for labeling and warnings as well as creating material safety data sheets (MSDS) for various industrial products.  He has been involved in assessing risk in occupational situations where potentially hazardous substances are involved and preparing submissions in support of food additives in accordance with the GRAS procedures.  Of particular interest is Dr. Parent’s area of specialization in Inhalation Toxicology and his significant contribution to the field through the publication of his book, “Comparative Biology of the Normal Lung”, a well respected source of normal parameters related to lungs of various animal species, including man.

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